hii is my problem for GM or PM ->if you see my mesng plz send me msng back

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hii is my problem for GM or PM ->if you see my mesng plz send me msng back

Post  talperetz on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:45 pm

[/b] some one Hacking my user and took all my stuff
Heaven Fan (+15) -1 demeg
Star Tower (+14) -1 demeg
Earring (+14) -7 demeg
Neclace (+14) -7 demeg
Ring (+15) -7 demeg
Bow (+14) -7 demeg
Coat (+13) -7 demeg
Boots (+13) -7 demeg
Miraculous -1 demeg <--- no sok /no super
Good Luck - 1 demeg <---no sok/no super
Cps take too but i dont remmber how musch i got

all my iteams is super 2 sok(i dont remmber what the Gems)
my acc is talperetz
name acc is DeadArch

I have not played for 5 days and that's why I lost a lot of cps
and is not Fair

*Once I got my player through to my user name my password
and thet login no my acc
to tao fire level 170
i fink So the man tried to enter his user
and is Connect it to my user accidentally
and bicuze my iteam not lock and i merchant
him can to To move things

*And it's really how I want compensation
The distress
(All my friends passed me in Set. laughed at me)
I hatch it was not nerve / bother to ask

With you help me I thank you very much
Thank you for the junction of the heart


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