why GM--Bm ???

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why GM--Bm ???

Post  rafat78 on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:11 pm

hi [GM]

offter greetting

why you troy or karim don't help us for eny thing

you've just doo one thing and that is (deleting our account's)

i ask help for you many time's but no answer

pld man if you don't wan't to watch you'r game then you close it better than make us sad from you

i'm sure u r good man

but answer our queistion's

soz if you be don't matter this game

we will not doo

pls answer us pls pls

i'm baging you to help us is that fear ??

sorry for long

sorry for eny word heart you

but this is true

all the borblem to me is

there is some one make bass word to my bank

he buot my stuff in it

and close him

all i need is my bassword for my bank

is this very hrad ???

thnx for reading me Like a Star @ heaven


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