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About our forum

Post  WisoN on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:29 am

Hello there all "crazy" peoples Smile

I'm getting tired of our forum (no offence)
We have just 3 sections and forum is not any help for the new players, just spammers cuz there is inly one category where ALL players type (guides, problems, news blabla) kinda confusing right?

Ive been playing on this server for 2 months now and i would really love to have an active forum their we can enjoy other players and give credit for good things...

So i ask:

Make me moderator and let me create categories and forums. (i am experienced in forum) ran my own a time ago..

otherwise you (Admin/Moderator) create more and let the forum be a place where they can relax, talk and have fun and discouss conquer..

Sorry for my "bad" english but im Swedish, hehe Smile

Well thats all from me Smile Thanks


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