Tutorial: Downloading CrazyCO And Installing

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Tutorial: Downloading CrazyCO And Installing

Post  Light on Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:30 pm

Hi all I´m Light one of CrazyCO´s ChatBox´s Mod.
Our CrazyCO download page is :http://crazy-co.com/downloads.html
when you are on that website theres a CrazycoClient #---- download it.

then download the patches after that client. ex: client 1017 download patchs 1018 and so.
after you download the client + patch install it.How: Run the Client then go to your CrazyConquer folder and put the patchs on it, Right Click>Extract>Extract Here. do that with all the patchs in order.

Go back to the downloads section and download Server.dat. put it on the CrazyConquer folder and start playing Very Happy
Razz run Play ,CrazyConquer.exe or Autopatch.exe to play CrazyCO. Twisted Evil



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