CrazyCO's Rules

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CrazyCO's Rules

Post  Troy on Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:21 am

Our Rules

1.No Racism!

2.English public language!

3.Dont Spamm in chat or in game

4.Talking about other servers result bann for ever

5.Set up a warehouse password! and dont share ur acc

Chat Rules

1.There Shall Not Be Any Trading/Selling Accounts
2.No icons in name exept for GM/PM's
3.No offensive language
4.No spamming or asking about servers
5.That Is Why We Have A Message In Your Type Box On Chat
6.No Asking For Mod's-PM's-GM's

Rules In Game

1.No spamming in BroadCast
2.No selling/Trading of accounts this will get your Acc Banned
3.No AFK Accounts Around This Will Get You Kicked
4.Blocking NPC's from being used by other players will get you Kicked
5.No Bots or Hacks This Will Get Your IP Banned


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