If You Got High Ping This Might Help

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If You Got High Ping This Might Help

Post  firelordozai on Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:44 pm

okay listen
follow this instructions
u dont have to follow all of them but most of them to help u:

*Get a Good Internet Connection, the Faster the Better.
*Get a Good Graphics Card, Nvidia G Cards are Very Good.
*Close Unnecessary Programs you are not using.
*Close Download Programs such as Limewire, Ares, Kazaa while you are playing
*If you are using a Router, make sure the person on the other computer/ computers is following these Instructions aswell as they are takeing up your Internet Connection also.
*If you are using a Router and the other Computer is turned on and nobody is using it turn that Computer off, so all the Internet Connection goes to you.
*Do not download files while you are playing.
*Go To Windows Task Manager by pressing Cntrl+Alt+Delete and closing Proccesses in the Processes section of Task Manager which are not neccessary.
*Do not use hack programs.
*Delete all the files in your folder called Log in your Conquer 2.0 Folder, this is allowed as synsia has mensioned previously before.
*Disable your firewall and antivirus, while you are playing Conquer 2.0.
*Use windows disk cleanup and delete any files you dont need also helping free up space on your computer.
*Press f5 when you are on your desktop or right click and click on refresh to refresh your Desktop from Memory used.
*Check your computer regularly for virus's and malware and delete any you may find, make sure to update your Virus Scanner regulary.


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Re: If You Got High Ping This Might Help

Post  EthiX on Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:17 am

I usually got 600 ping without being downloading at crazyCO, and I play cod4 with 40ping downloading. I think the most of the problems with ping are bcoz the distance btwin the router and the crazyCO server....


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